Wide Temperature Platform

Wide Temperature PlatformBrave Wide Temperature Variations with OMT's Wide Temperature Platforms

Wide Temperature Applications

Outdoor applications, depending on where you are located can be extreme. Indoor or in-vehicle applications may also experience wide temperatures whereby ordinary PCs are incapable of operating. Buses or airplanes after a day under direct sunlight can heat up to 80˚C, or if left in the winter blizzard can freeze to minus 30˚C or lower. Refineries are also places where extreme temperatures are encountered. However, in recent years, wide temp industrial or embedded platforms have found their place in building automation and outdoor smart devices that are required to be up and running regardless of season.

OMT WiTAS 1 and WiTAS 2

OMT WiTAS 1 and WiTAS 2 are a set of rigorous validation procedures for the highest level of failure tolerance in mission critical products. In OMT’s manufacturing testing phase, boards must have 100% pass rates to be certified as a WiTAS 1 (-20~70˚C) or WiTAS 2 (-40~85˚C) board before shipment.

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