Touch Panel PCs and Displays

Touch Panel PCs and DisplaysMore Direct, Intuitive Way to Control Your Machine

OMT offers industrial grade touch panel PCs and displays for a wide range of applications, with waterproof options and great viewing angles of varying luminance requirements. Standard Resistive touch, Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) Resistive touch, Projected Capacitive touch or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch technology are available, with 7H hardness scratchproof glass and waterproof design. Panel PCs with expansion slots are one of the advantages of OMT offerings. And for all-sided IP67 certified panel PCs and displays with M12 connectors, these can be used in meat processing, rugged outdoors and marine applications.

Benefits of Touch Panels

From single touch to multi-touch panels, these have been convenient interfaces for users to monitor, and input data from the touch of a finger. Scratchproof GFG resistive panels allow factory workers to input data with their rubber gloves on, an advantage capacitive touch panels cannot provide, and resistive touch panels too vulnerable to scratch and wear.

OMT’s Touch Panel PCs and Displays

OMT offers the complete range of touch panel PCs and displays from cost effective HMI to rugged stainless steel 316L solutions.

  • Industrial HMI Touch Panel Solutions
  • Rugged HMI Touch Panel Solutions
  • Rugged Expandable Touch Panel Solutions
  • Industrial Multi-Touch Panel Solutions
  • Multi-Purpose & Waterproof Panel Solutions
  • Rugged Stainless Touch Panel Solutions
  • Industrial Touch Display Solutions
  • Industrial Remote Touch Display Solutions
  • Rugged Tablet Computers


Standard industrial panels and high-luminance panels are available for ODM and customizations.

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