Single Board Computers

Single Board ComputersFrom 5.25" to SMARC, OMT's Comprehensive Range of Form Factors Provides Users a Healthy Selection of Solutions that Best Serve their Needs.

Single Board Computers (SBC) are standalone, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computer boards with the processor, chipset(s), I/O ports or pin-headers and power input built in to the board, allowing the SBC to work independently with the addition of selected memory modules and hard drive. SBCs come in different industry conforming form factors, and are smaller than desktop motherboards. Palm sized SBCs have greater flexibility, both for fixed or mobile embedded applications, but may be limited by performance and features due to its smaller board real-estate and product design thermal guidelines. Production complexity is also greater with specially selected components and increased layers of PCB. On the other hand, larger SBCs offer higher performance and richer features, and is often used in larger plugged-in devices.

Benefits of SBCs

Single Board Computers are highly integrated with all system interfaces and functionalities designed in. They offer ready-to-go hardware platform, with expansion slots for additional features, thus allowing customers to spend their development time and resources on value-add software and application. Full-featured SBCs in small form factors easily fit into embedded devices, the reason why ubiquitous computing or Internet of Things (IoT) today is booming, thanks to SBCs. Other benefits include the availability of these COTS, longevity support and ease of customization to fit virtually every kind of embedded and industrial applications today.

OMT’s Complete SBC Series

OMT offers six main form factors of single board computers, from the largest 5.25” SBC down to the smallest Pico-ITX boards. Wide temperature SBCs are also available for extreme environments, with operating temp of -40˚C ~ 85˚C.

  • 5.25”SBC
  • 3.5”SBC
  • PC/104 Modules
  • Pico-ITX Boards
  • RISC-Based SBC
  • Wide Temp SBC


  • ODM & Customization Services
  • Q-Service (Embedded boards, Computer On Module)
  • Embedded Software Services
  • BIOS Customization Services
  • Extended Warranty
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