PC/104 Modules

PC/104 ModulesStackable and built to last, OMT's PC/104 Modules bring robustness and ruggness to the market

PC/104 is intended for specialized embedded computing environments whereby the operation of the computing platform is expected to survive an often extreme environment. This embedded computer standard is controlled by the PC/104 Consortium which defines both its form factor and computer bus.

Benefits of PC/104

The PC/104 has no backplane, and allows modules with needed functionality to be stacked together like building blocks. The stacking of buses is more robust than typical bus connections in PCs, a result of strong connectors on the board as well as mounting-holes in the corner of each module, allowing the boards to be secured to each other with standoffs. This design gives the PC/104 better resistance to shock and vibration, especially common in factory automation and military applications.

Related Industrial Group

  • PC/104 Consortium


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