Computer on Modules

Computer on ModulesPowerful and Compact, OMT's COM Express Modules are Your Choice for Superior Computing and Easy Upgrades

Computer-On-Modules (COM) are complete embedded computers built on a single circuit board, centering around the microprocessor with RAM, and offers industrial defined rows of connectors that enables it to be connected to a carrier board that provides the power and input/output connectors to peripherals. COM solutions are usually very compact and highly integrated.

Benefits of Computer-On-Modules

Customers can upgrade a CPU component to the next generation without redesigning the whole circuit board simply by changing the COM module. COM models are based on industry standards with long life cycles, and helps customers shorten time-to-market for new products. If many models with different I/Os and features can accept the same processing power, customers can use the same COM module in all their product models, giving them easier stock management, lessening development time and having greater bargaining power. Others prefer COM solution when they need to design carrier boards by themselves due to confidentiality reasons.

OMT’s Computer-On-Modules

One Minute Technology offers several industry standard Computer-On-Modules. Basic, Standard and Nano type COM Express, XTX and ETX, right down to the tiny Qseven (Q7) Modules are available with their validation carrier boards. Customized services for dedicated carrier boards are available upon request.

  • COM Express Modules
  • XTX Modules
  • ETX Modules
  • Qseven Modules
  • Carrier Boards


  • DM & Customization Services
  • Q-Service (Embedded boards, Computer On Module)
  • Embedded Software Services
  • BIOS Customization Services
  • Extended Warranty
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