Advanced LAN Bypass 3.0

Advanced LAN Bypass 3.0Uninterrupted Network Access during Breakdowns

OMT provides turn-key solution to secure your Network Topology and enhance your engineering operation via advanced LAN Bypass 3.0.

OMT’s advanced LAN Bypass 3.0 provides fail-safe access ports for any in-line monitoring appliances, such as firewall, WAN optimization, intrusion prevention system (IPS) or UTM, when traffic can no longer flow through the link due to power loss, hardware or software failure. Advanced features include Power Failure mode, System Failure mode and Force Bypass Mode (programmable). Being jumper-less in design, AAEON’s advanced LAN Bypass 3.0 is easier to manage and configure. Now AAEON’s advanced LAN Bypass 3.0 is ready on the FWS-series system and swappable PER-series Network Interface Modules (NIM).

Benefits of advanced LAN Bypass 3.0

  • Bypass enabled without hardware jumper
  • Programmable setting in advance
  • Remote control of bypass function
  • Bypass control in 3 modes: Bypass mode, Pass-Through mode, Open mode
  • Multiple watchdogs setting dedicated to different bypass pairs

OMT Network Systems

  • Desktop Network Appliance
  • Rackmount Network Appliance


OMT offers customization services to Network Appliance solution providers, from rapid Network Interface Module assembly to ground up design that meets OEM/ODM requirements.

  • ODM & Customization Services
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