Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the BIOS version?

When the system boots up, press the “Pause” key. The BIOS version will appear on the screen as: “BIOS date: xx/xx/xxxx…”. And below the BIOS date, you would find the BIOS version, written as – For Example: IB897 BIOS version is “IB897-O2V-CP1A-141204”.

How do I clear the CMOS content?

1. Turn off the system.
2. Remove the power cord.
3. Remove the chassis cover.
4. Find the pin header for CMOS Setting.
5. Adjust the jumper position from pin 1-2 to 2-3 for a few seconds and return the jumper back to pin 1-2 (Default).
6. Turn on the system and press the “DEL” key to get into BIOS Setup menu.
7. Select “Restore Defaults”, then Save Changes and Exit.

Is there a hardware monitoring software for OMT products?

Yes. This software is called Observer (for Windows) and is integrated in the Drivers DVD. This software can be installed by executing the file Setup.exe. The file can be found in the DVD using the path: DVD\Tools\Observer\Observer\Setup.exe

Is there WDT and Digital I/O SDK for IBASE products?

Yes. WDT and Digital I/O SDK for Windows are available. The sample codes are included as well. Please contact the One Minute Technology sales window or FAE to get support.

Is there LCD brightness control SDK for One Minute Technology products?

Yes. Please contact the One Minute Technology sales window or FAE to get the SDK.

What safety certification and report does One Minute Technology provide?

CE and FCC certifications are usually available for OBM products. The others will be provided by request. For more information, please contact your supplier.

What is iSMART?

iSMART is a unique technology that One Minute Technology created for the purpose of protecting and enabling systems to use power efficiently. Building on the work of the European Union in Eco design for energy-related products (EuP/ErP), iSMART provides functionalities for various applications, such as automatic power on/off scheduling, power failure detection, and temperature monitoring to reduce downtime which is especially important in low temperature environments. iSMART also allows in-system programming through the BIOS and has a 4KB NVRAM to save confidential data, including digital signatures that can be used to protect the software.

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