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Heating up with the most popular terminologies-Mobile, loT, and Cloud-we have seen a prosperous 2016 in the Brave New ICT World! The brand new trends are restructuring and reshaping the planet with new product ideas and new business models. This significantly enlarged the ICT market in 2016, and so did the growth of One Minute Technology ! In 2016, One Minute Technology reached$ 7M of revenue with a 33% growth rate over 2015.

To build the so-called Smart Planet, we need to deploy loT in almost every corner around the globe. A totally new generation of devices with more wireless protocols and computing power are not only replacing millions of old devices, but also being installed up to a number of billions, reaching every corner of the world! All of a sudden, we found out that loT has become the DNA blueprint for all the IPC players and suppliers of industry-based vertical solutions. In every vertical application domain, we are already the supplier of sensors, gateways, network appliances, and even servers and storages in data centers. As the industry moves to more mobile and wireless focused applications along with more sophisticated SoC designs, all the “Things” will become smart and connected, and all the IPC players will become loT players almost overnight!

Most vertical solutions from the bottom of loT and all the way up to the cloud incorporate protocols and operating systems based on none other than Ethernet and Windows. Various SoC implementations and wireless protocols make programming a nightmare for system integrators. As a result, to quickly close the deal with end users, system integrators need to acquire hardware with software bundles, or the vertical solution itself, or go straight forward and provide customers with ready-to-go total solutions! Since competition is heating up in all segments because of the fastmoving internet world, most enterprises can only focus on their own core competencies, while outsourcing IT operations in order to deliver the best service! That’s why the so-called XaaS [Everything as a Service] is getting more and more popular in the past 3 years! That’s also why One Minute Technology is now providing specialized appliances and industry-specic solutions in addition to the hardware platforms. We have seen clearly the trend moving from Product Selling to Service Providing. System integrators in the field need mature and proven solutions to fulfill customer requirements at the soonest! Today, we have solutions in Factory/Machine Automation, in Vehicle, in Retail, in Surveillance, in Industrial Wireless/Firewall, and even in Medical Informatics, from loT to Cloud.

One Minute Technology is industry leading component manufacturer.

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